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Top Three Notes for Chinese Z Visa Extension

Editor : Peggy   |   Resource : AT0086.com

If you hold a Z Visa and want to continue to stay in China after expiration of the visa, you should apply for a visa extension. The following three matters are what you need to know.
Application Documents
1.     Valid passport and visa
2.     One recently-taken two-inch, bareheaded, full-faced photo
3.     Visa and Residence Permit Application Form with an official seal
4.     Certificate from original work unit
5.     Foreigner Temporary Residence Form
Application Procedure
1. Submit passport, visa and credentials.
2. Fill in Visa Extension Application Form
3. Provide related proof materials for extension
4. Pay visa and certification fees according to the prescribed rates.
Processing Time and Fee
1 year and multi-entry Z Visa
About 10 days
About RMB 8000
Although it is a little bit complicated to apply residence permit for the first time, when you extend it at the second year, you need not to leave China, attend interview or medical examination. Therefore, residence permit is done once and for all.
If you are accompanied by your family here, and want extension without leaving, getting a residence permit is a wonderful choice, saving money, saving time!