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9 Most Valuable Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Works

Editor : May   |   Resource : AT0086.com

Are you interested in Chinese calligraphy and painting? Do you want to know which Chinese calligraphy and painting works’ price is the highest in the collection market? What follows are the 9 most valuable Chinese calligraphy and painting works we have listed, you can make a reference.
1. Huizong "the copy of Huaisu’s Goddess Tie"
From “the copy of Huaisu’s Goddess Tie”, we can see Huizong’s high skill of cursive script. The work is Qing collection originally, the final collector is a ethnic Chinese who lived in the United States. This national treasure finally priced at 128,000,000 Hong Kong dollars after 5-minutes fierce auction, created a world record auction price of Chinese calligraphy and painting works.
2. Ting Shouping "Riding Crane"
Ting Shouping is one the “ Six Masters of the beginning of the Qing Dynasty”, his work “the Copy of Ancient Mountain and River Volume” transacted at 12,320,000 Yuan, this is the highest auction record of Ting’s work. But this “Riding Crane” has set a new record once again, it transacted at the price 39,960,000 Yuan, hit Ting’s highest auction price.
3. Qian Long, Dong Bangda "Mid-autumn poem volumes"
The Top 3 is this “Mid-autumn poem volumes” which cooperated by Qianlong and Dong Bangda, it is a rare art, the paintings first appear in Sotheby's spring auction on 11th, April, and the sale prices is up to 3648.7125 million Yuan, it is 4 times higher than the valuation.
4. Badashanren "Heron and Stone"
Badashanren (Zhu Da) is one of the “4 Monks of the beginning of the Qing Dynasty”. With the price and market share’s overall uplift, Badashanren’s works are the biggest gainers in the ancient calligraphy and painting market. In 2008, this “Heron and Stone” unveiled in Beijing Wanlong auction, and transacted at the price 33,000,000 Yuan, it’s the second highest sale prices of individual works.
5. Badashanren "Chrysanthemum in a Vase"
Also in the Guardian, Badashanren's "Chrysanthemum in a Vase" was clinched a deal finally with 31,360,000 Yuan price, ranking the third place of his deal works over the years. This work had been stamped with the evaluation seal of by a famous Chinese painter and calligrapher Tang Yun and also collected into his several collective drawings.
6. Ma Yuan "Autumn View of Stream and Mountain"
The “Autumn View of Stream and Mountain” which was auctioned in Beijing Poly auction, was evaluated as first-class II. It was first collected by Shen Zhoujian, the great collector in Ming Dynasty, and then collected by the Wen Zhengming’s student Zhou Tianqiu, then the collector Zhu Chizhi in Ming Dynasty. It is really a black swan to appear on the market once again. This work’s final price is 30,240,000 Yuan, set the auction price record of Ma Yuan’s works.
7. Qi Baishi "Flowers, Grass and Insects"
Goethe Auction Co. established this year clinched the deal finally with 24,640,000 Yuan price on its first auction. The "Flowers, Grass and Insects" is an excellent work of Qi Baishi when he was 95 years old. The price set a new record of that of the "Fuguichangchun" which reaches a price of 20,350,000yuan by Qi Baishi and Chen Banding, and reached a new high of his works.
8. Tang Yin, "Cengloubazhangtu"
In Beijing Changfeng’s spring auction, the transactions of ancient calligraphy and painting are eye-catching, the paintings for sale is including more than 50 works of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. This painting was traded at 240 million Yuan, not only set the highest record of that auction, but also set the highest price record of Tangyin’s works.
9. Wen Zhengming, Dong Qichang "The Red Cliff Ode", "Latter Ode of the Red Cliff" Shoujuan
This works for Wen Zhengming, and Dong Qichang combination of painting and calligraphy, on the back of the volume, there are Dong Qichang’s running script work “ The Red Cliff Ode”. It was finally transacted at a high price 21,840,000 Yuan, at that auction, the sum accounted for the 74% of the whole turnover, it confirmed that the ancient calligraphy and painting market is always supported by the choice goods.