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Top 10 Most Famous Calligraphers in China’s History

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Chinese calligraphy is extensive and profound, and has a long history. Practice calligraphy can cultivate people’s sentiment, and improve people’s aesthetic taste. If you are interested in Chinese calligraphy, it is necessary to know the most famous calligraphers in China’s history.
1. Wang Xizhi
Born in Shandong, China, Wang Xizhi is a great calligrapher in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, and later was called “Sage of Calligraphy" by the later generation and won the respect of all. His representative works are as following: regular script "Huangtingjing," cursive "Seventeen Tie", running script "Tie Aunt"  and regular and running script " Orchid Pavilion Preface ".This piece of calligraphy "revered by calligraphers, known as the "the best running script in the world." The cursive script and running script are deeply versed by Wang Xizhi in calligraphy.
2. Ou Yangxun
Born in Changsha, Hunan, Ou Yangxun is one of the four best regular script calligraphers. He is the best calligrapher in the Tang Dynasty, bar none. Yu Shinan and he are known as their calligraphy at the Early Tang Dynasty, called” Ou and Yu”. The regulation of Ou Yangxun’s calligraphy is strict; the vigor of the strokes is outstanding. The later generations find his calligraphy is canonical, easier to learn by the beginners, and his calligraphy form is called” Ou Form”.
3. Yan Zhenqing
He is an outstanding Chinese calligrapher of the Tang Dynasty, a great patriot.
His representative works are “Wuxing Set”, “Luzhou Set” and “linchuan Set”. Yan Zhenqing’s calligraphy form was called “ Yan form”, Liu Gongquan and he are called”Yan Liu”, their calligraphy are called” Yan’s tendon and Liu’s bone”. Yan’s vigorous regular script set a good example in the Tang Dynasty.
4. Huai Su
He is a Chinese calligrapher of the Tang Dynasty, born in Lingling, Hunan province. Huai is a distinguished calligrapher in China’s history, and his script was called "Rabid cursive script", with the strong vigor of the strokes, complete in one go, enjoys the same reputation with Zhangxu. People called their calligraphy “Maniac Zhang and Rabid Su”.
5. Liugongquan
Liugongquan’s calligraphy is famous in the Tang dynasty. The vigor of his calligraphy is strong and the regulation is strict and serious. The character’s characteristic is famous for its powerful strokes. The running script and regular script are deeply versed by Liugongquan. Because of the unique characteristic of his calligraphy, people called”Liu form”.
6. Sushi
Born in Meishan, Sichuan Province, Sushi is a famous calligrapher, painter, essayist and poet in northern Song Dynasty, he is really a literary and artistic genius in China’s history. Sushi is good at running script and regular script, he learn from many masters all over the Jin Dynasty, Tang Dynasty and Five Dynasties, and then became a calligraphy master, too.
7. Huang Tingjian
Huang Tingjian (1045—1105), is predominantly known as a calligrapher but was also admired for his painting and poetry. He was one of the Four masters of the Song Dynasty. Huang was a student of Su Shi at his school of literati painting. Huang is generally regarded as the finest and most creative calligrapher of the Song Dynasty. His xingshu displays a sharpness and aggression which is instantly recognisable to the student of Chinese calligraphy.
8. Mi Fu
He is a calligrapher, painter and calligraphy theorist in Northern Song Dynasty. In the history of calligraphy in China, In" four great calligraphists in Song Dynasty", Mi Fu after Su Shi and Huang Tingjian, but Su Shi and Huang Tingjian have the magnificent meritorious achievements and the literature achievement. And Mi Fu includes in by a calligraphy skill in, explains the posterity sufficiently to its calligraphy art achievement approval and the esteem.
9. Zhao Mengfu
Born in Wuxing Zhejiang, Zhao Mengfu is the later genenration of the Song Dynasty’s emperor Zhao Kuangyin. He is good at all the script, and famous for running script and regular script. The style of his calligraphy is elegant and vigorous with strict structure, people called” Zhao Form”, he is one of the “Four Great Regular Script Masters”.
10. Dong Qichang
Born in Songjiang Songjiang, Dong Qichang got high achievement of calligraphy, with the highest attainments of cursive script. Although Zhao Mengfu and Wen Zhengming’s calligraphy styles are popular at that time, Dong didn’t imitate them. His calligraphy style combined the calligraphy characteristics of Jin Dynasty, Tang Dynasty , Song Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty together, created his own form. The strokes are plain and elegant.